Ike Swetlitz is an investigative reporter for Searchlight New Mexico, a non-profit journalism organization covering the state of New Mexico and the surrounding region, where he focuses on criminal justice. Previously, he worked in Boston and Washington, D.C. for STAT. Ike graduated with a degree in physics from Yale and particularly enjoys holding people in power accountable.

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Featured Stories
Interview with President Trump's doctor:
"One-on-one with Trump's doctor: Hecklers, house calls, and why Obamacare must be shut down," STAT, December 21, 2016

Investigation of IBM Watson:
"IBM pitched its Watson supercomputer as a revolution in cancer care. It’s nowhere close," STAT, September 5, 2017
co-written with Casey Ross

Genetically engineered mosquitos could stop malaria (reported from Burkina Faso):
"In a remote West African village, a revolutionary genetic experiment is on its way — if residents agree to it," STAT, March 14, 2017